Who Am I?

Music is my essence. There are no boxes. I don’t see boxes when I create. Life is complex. I absorb my surroundings and express life as a musical soundtrack.I love beats, word twists, inventing sounds, contemplation, figuring it out. I am an Ambassador to Curiosity. I love a blank canvas. My name, JPRiZM, expresses who I am. I love diverse cultures and peoples. That name came because I have a vast appreciation for life and culture. Where I’m at musically is like a prism; prisms look different every time you look at them, always changing depending on which way the light is hitting them. With me, on any given day, that’s how I am artistically. When I create, I couldn’t tell you why I choose this sound, or decide to use that color, because even I don’t know at that moment. When I create, I’m tapping into something that I don’t fully understand; I usually don’t until way later. I work off of feeling and energy and I do something because I feel it inside. It may not be a diamond right out of the case, but it’s real and it’s from my essence, my soul. I am a creator…. Imaginator, Culturalist, Artist, Prism…JPRiZM

We all owe it to this Realm to share our perception of things with each other. That is how we grow. That is how we transcend. That is art. What most people don’t know about me is that my music career all stems from writing. From an early age, writing stories and rhyming was something that I loved to do. I love it, it is something that I am passionate about and I feel like I owe to the universe to put out art when I’m inspired by experiences in this plane of existence. Sometimes I feel like telling stories through beats, sometimes I feel like writing, singing and rapping. That is what being JPRiZM is all about. It’s all a part of the journey and accepting the call when the universe needs me to channel a message.

My musical influences have been people like Pharrell, MF Doom, J DIlla, Flying Lotus, early Kanye West, and Daft Punk. My 2014 debut album Mindwalker was a top 50 CMJ hip hop album. I followed that with the Waves EP in 2017 and PRiZM WORLD aka EXPERiMENTS in 2018. I’ve had the good fortune to work with some talented collaborators too like Joelle James (writer of Ella Mae’s “Boo’ed Up”) on “Heart of a Woman” (lyrics by Joelle James, music by JPRiZM) the end-credit song for the spring 2018 Lionsgate film Traffik. Jennie.O on the R&B track “Heroin (My Love)” in 2017. And rarities and remixes including “Hung Up” with Luhx. and “Feenin’” with Amanda Holley.

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