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Music is my essence.

There are no boxes.

I don’t see boxes when I create.



I am an Ambassador to Curiosity.

I love a blank canvas.”

My name, JPRiZM, expresses who I am.

I love diverse cultures and peoples.









When I create, I’m tapping into something that I don’t fully understand.








I am a creator…. Imaginator, Culturalist, Artist, Prism…JPRiZM


Life is complex. I absorb my surroundings and express life as a musical soundtrack. I love beats, word twists, inventing sounds, contemplation, figuring it out. Sometimes I feel like telling stories through composing music, sometimes I feel like writing, singing. or rapping.


That name came because I have a vast appreciation for life and culture. Where I’m at musically is like a prism; prisms look different every time you look at them, always changing depending on which way the light is hitting them. With me, on any given day, that’s how I am artistically. When I create, I couldn’t tell you why I choose the sound, or decide to use that color, because even I don’t know at that moment.


I usually don’t understand until way later. I work off of feeling and energy and I do something because I feel it inside. It may not be a diamond right out of the case, but it’s real and it’s from my essence, my soul. We all owe it to this realm to share our perception of things with each other. That is how we grow. That is how we transcend. That is art.


  • Produced the hit song Galileo by Echezona, feat. in NBA 2K21 Next Gen "The City", aired on ESPN and major commercial FM radio air play

  • Composed the end credit song Heart of a Woman for the Lionsgate film “Traffik.”

  • Awarded a “Boston Foundation Grant” for youth music program Boston Rise.

  • Released various vocal and instrumental singles and EPs, and collaborated with a slew of talented collaborators, reaping in excess of 2 million streams across various platforms.

  • My single Rise was nominated for “Animated Video of the Year by the Independent Music Awards.”

  • Began my professional journey with the debut album Mindwalker, voted a top 50 hip hop album at college radio and peaking at #6.

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