JPRiZM, The Creator: Artist, Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Culturalist

First and foremost, JPRiZM is a creator, an ambassador to curiosity. With a Jackson Pollock-esque production philosophy, JPRiZM loves the blank canvas. His tools are primarily a keyboard, a pen, and a microphone. He sees an open universe of creativity within his soundscapes and refuses to be restrained by boxes. Whenever you hear a JPRiZM creation, you can expect two things: 1) otherworldly melodies that evoke feelings of transcendence and peace and 2) beats and rhythms that will make you want to move.

Mindwalker, JPRiZM’s 2014 debut, was named one of the top 50 hip hop albums that year by CMJ and peaked at number six on the CMJ Hip Hop chart. JPRiZM—known by fellow artists as PRiZZY, by family and friends as Jared Price—draws inspiration from everything he’s heard since his youth; early Sonic and Sega Genesis games first sparked his interest in music. Today, he cites Pharrell, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi, Diplo, Major Lazer, Disclosure, Daft Punk, and Flume among his greatest influences.

JPRiZM is a creator without boundaries. While he is adept at coloring within the lines when the project calls for it, he is often sought out because of his prowess at bending and blending genres to create unique fusions. Even the name JPRiZM expresses his adaptable, exploratory approach to making music. Like a prism, he reflects something different every time you look at him. His art can and should be interpreted from many angles.

Since getting his start as an MC, JPRiZM has transformed himself into a super producer. He has had songs placed in commercials and spent countless hours in the lab cooking up original vibes and remixes for various artists.

In June of 2017, JPRiZM released his second solo album, the Waves EP, an electronic/wavvy trap/dream bass album that “expresses a side of myself as an artist, producer, and composer. These tracks mean a lot to me, and if you want to know where my sound is headed, you should take a listen! The music was inspired by a trip to Iceland and aims to capture the peaceful, transcendent feeling of the country’s natural beauty.” JPRiZM describes “the chilly, flat landscape surrounded by choppy wave-ridden waters, snow-capped hills, mountains off way in the distance, and vibey lagoons for relaxing and exfoliating,” all of which you can hear and envision when you immerse yourself in Waves. Get the Waves EP on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and more.

Also in 2017, he released a single with Houston native and Berklee College of Music graduate Jennie.O entitled “Heroin (My Love. While working as a registered nurse, Jennie.O began to notice similarities between the behavior of patients being treated for heroin addiction and the behavior of people in relationships. “Heroin (My Love)” expresses a struggle found in both types of addiction. Listen to the track and watch the music video here. In fall 2017, a collab with Roc Nation’s Joelle James was released on Soundcloud and is slated for a wider release in 2018. Also in 2018, JPRiZM will be releasing some new solo electro hip hop and R&B material, featuring his own top line and vocals, done JPRiZM style, in addition to some new collabs with some well known Toronto friends. So stayed tuned!

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